Maternal Care: Family Focused

The Center for Women and Newborns provides a warm environment for healing

Expectant mothers will find a special home for healing with the opening of the Center for Women and Newborns, housed on the second floor of the new patient tower. This beautiful 29-bed unit includes 22 private rooms for before and after birth, seven labor and delivery rooms, sleepover accommodations so a loved one can stay overnight, and two dedicated cesarean section operating suites.

“It’s vital for women to experience childbirth in an environment that promotes healing and wellness and is really focused on family-centered care,” said Jennifer Castaldo, Henry Mayo Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer. “Most patients, when they are expecting to deliver a child, really think about comfort and amenities. That’s what we’ll be providing—a spalike, healing, warm environment.”

In addition to the Center for Women and Newborns, the patient tower features a new cafeteria with an indoor and outdoor dining area and the centrally located Robert M. and Andi Parker Blood Bank for faster processing of emergent transfusion requests.

“We look forward to serving our patients in this new building,” said Castaldo. “The Santa Clarita Valley can be proud of such a top-notch medical facility.” 


The new 29-bed Center for Women and Newborns features 22 antepartum/postpartum beds and seven labor and delivery beds; nonclinical furnishings for a calming, comfortable ambiance; more patient privacy; baby sinks for washing and care of newborns; and two dedicated OB surgical suites.