Hospitalists Set the Standard for Excellence in Patient Care

Hospitalists Set the Standard for  Excellence in Patient Care


Hospitalists are a dedicated group of physicians who focus on hospitalized patients and provide specialized care to fit their unique needs. Henry Mayo’s Hospitalist program includes a team of six day and two evening physicians who care for patients whose primary care physicians aren’t on staff, or as requested by other care providers.

“The process of caring for hospital patients is very involved, from navigating the hospital system and electronic medical records to competently diagnosing and managing the complex multitude of inpatient medical conditions of acutely ill patients,” said Delora Climaco, MD, Hospitalist Medical Director at Henry Mayo.

According to Dr. Climaco, the concept of hospital medicine and the introduction of hospitalists started more than 20 years ago; hospital medicine is now standard practice.

“The ability to meet a patient in the Emergency Department; obtain a comprehensive understanding of his or her medical conditions and personal wishes; and execute the best course of treatment in coordination with nurses, pharmacists, therapists, and specialists is the particular skill that uniquely defines a hospitalist,” Dr. Climaco said.

The program’s mission is to set the standard for excellence through commitment to quality, personalized care and patient satisfaction 24 hours a day.

“We aim to optimize not only the quality of care delivered but also the timeliness of care,” Dr. Climaco said. IYH